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Jefferson County Trail Riders
  2019 High Point as of September 14
  2018 high Points as of September 15
  September, 2017 High Points
  2016 Year End Grand and Reserve Winers
  2015 Year End Grand and Reserve Winers
  2014 Year End Grand and Reserve Winers
  2013 High Points  --  Final Results for the season
  2012 High Points  --  the End of Year Points

High Points as of August 2012
List reflects only those exhibitors who have participated in the class at least 3 times and qualify for year end awards in the class

High Points as of July 2012

2011 High Points - Year End Winners

2010 High Points - as of 8/23

2009 High Points

   Circle H
Saddle Club
 2012 End of Year High Points